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Smile Gallery

Riverstone Dental
We are pleased to present the beautiful smile of our wonderful patient, Catrina! Catrina had a need for a smile makeover including bridge work. With the help of Dr. Taylor and the Riverstone Dental team, Catrina is smiling with pride!


Riverstone Dental
"My lateral incisors never came in as a child. This caused a gap between my front teeth. I had braces to take care of the space, but in time my teeth moved back and the gap reappeared. I was very self-conscious when smiling and would always try to hide my teeth. I finally realized I needed to do something about my smile and talked with Dr. Sigler. She was very kind and spent time explaining my options to me. She said that crowns would be the best way to take care of the space. Dr. Sigler and her staff were very caring and reassuring through out the whole process. They made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I can't thank them enough! It not only improved my smile, but was a real boost to my self-confidence."

I love to smile!!!


Riverstone Dental
"I used to visit the Dentist regularly until my parents fell ill. I neglected myself while I took care of them. My family has always come first to me. As my teeth started to decay, so did my ability to smile. I no longer wanted people to see me smile. As my family situation changed, I realized that I had to take care of my teeth. I saw Dr Blake Taylor and his friendly staff at Riverstone Dental. They sat down with me and spent a lot of time explaining my options and answering any questions that I had. It just feels good to have the confidence in myself to smile again."



Riverstone Dental
"My front teeth have been stained all of my life due to a medication that was taken when I was a child. Many years ago I had my teeth coated with a white coloring to cover the stains. As years passed the coating wore away and decay became a concern. I was very self-conscious about my smile. Dr. Sigler suggested I get crowns for the front teeth that were stained. I was very nervous, but once there Dr. Sigler and her staff were very reassuring. When the crowns were placed I was amazed at the difference in my smile. I immediately smiled much larger than before, and my confidence rose. No more half smiles, or hiding my smile. I now love to show my smile! Thank you Dr. Sigler for the wonderful job, and improving even more than just my smile."



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